Role Description

FACS is looking for an experienced Fullstack Laravel Engineer to join our team full time. We have a complex and versatile product that has grown significantly over the past three years. We have some ambitious goals set for this year and need smart and capable engineers to scale the platform, squash bugs, and improve the product.


Participate as an individual contributor, plan, and estimate your work well and communicate efficiently to keep the team moving forward. Responsibilities include;

  • Build new features and enhancements in an existing, complex system.
  • Refactor and redesign inefficient code and architecture.
  • Fix bugs and write unit tests.
  • Provide input on architectural decisions to improve performance and scale the platform.
  • Debug errors and create tickets in Jira.
  • Deploy releases to QA and production environments.
  • Be an advocate for improving our development process and stack.
  • Communicate clearly and efficiently to prevent delays and disruptions.
  • Be flexible and reasonable when deciding to write good code, building out a prototype, or completing an urgent client request.
  • Track work in Jira and document features in Confluence.
  • Participate in company meetings and video calls.
  • Work efficiently and undisturbed, remotely.

Technical Requirements

  • General Programming Experience - 6 years.
  • PHP 7.0+ - 5 consecutive years: Advanced to expert experience with PHP: Candidate should have built multiple projects from the ground up.
  • Laravel - 3 consecutive years: Strong understanding of the Laravel framework, having worked on at least 2 projects. Strong understanding of composer and dependency management desired.
  • HTML & CSS - Expert command of raw HTML and CSS.
  • Javascript - 4 years: Experience building modular code -reused in complex SPAs. Vanilla JS experience required. Experience working with VueJS is highly desired.
  • PostgreSQL - 4 years: Experience designing relational databases, using schemas, views, and writing functions. Understanding of query performance and identifying inefficiencies. Experience with abstracted database architectures (EAV models) highly desired.
  • Linux - 4 years: Experience navigating a server, managing services, processes, and resources. Installing/managing APT packages, configuring Apache hosts, php modules, redis, and other services.
  • AWS Cloud Services - 2 years
  • Git - 3 years: Commands a strong understanding of version control basics, including branching, rebasing, and the development lifecycle using a version control system.

Ideal Candidate

We are looking for a veteran PHP developer with strong design principles (DRY, SOLID, etc), a firm understanding of OOP, and a passion for building and improving complex systems. They must be pragmatic, have a positive attitude, and be comfortable working in a small team where their work is highly visible and plays a significant impact on the company and clients.

About FACS

FACS has built a highly abstracted and flexible digital document management system for construction projects. We primarily work with Departments of Transportation and construction management firms in the United States, providing them with highly customizable forms in the cloud for desktop and mobile devices. We are a small team of disruptors looking to expand into other industries with a powerful product.

Our technology stack is Linux/Apache, PostgreSQL, with a Laravel back-end. Our front-end primarily utilizes jQuery, raw HTML and JavaScript, and some Sass and Angular. We also have a closed API to support our React Native mobile app (iOS).

FACS operates primarily during standard (8am - 5pm) Pacific business hours.